Very mature looking high school girls go to a slumber party to do all that stuff you sit alone thinking about girls doing at a slumber party - like discussing Major League Baseball. Guy with a giant cordless drill motor shows up. We totally had those in 1982.

hey cool
100% male casualties
but YUCK
Eww gratuitous Playgirl magazine

Yeah this movie is exactly what you're picturing in your mind. Before the credits even finish a chick is getting naked in front of her Bjorn Borg poster, and are they even wearing basketball shorts or are those some weird new kind of tampon?

Maybe I was out of the loop but I don't recall the teenage girls of my generation being this preoccupied with sports. One of them even has a crush on former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Sipe of all people. I enjoyed that part of the movie because it let me remember a little thing Browns fans know as Red Right 88 when Brian Sipe threw a game and playoff losing interception to Mike Davis of the Oakland Raiders, propelling the Raiders to a Super Bowl win and making a certain young man yell louder than he ever had or has since, in all these nearly 40 years.

{The link is there for me}

But back to the movie. Nighttime in the suburbs, girls having a naughty party, other girls watching from across the street, escaped lunatic on the prowl, arcade game soundtrack... I'm really not going to do it this time {pointing at the year the movie was released}. I'll just say this is completely iconic of slasher movies produced between the years of 1979 and 1990, if you get my drift. You want this in your marathon, of those movies. It's got that perfect late Summer slasher vibe, that hot muggy looming feeling as the witching season draws near and our thoughts turn once again to bleary-eyed all night horror binges.

Something's different about the killer here. Not better per se, just different. He's just some wacko in a jean jacket. No mask or anything. He even screams when you whack him with a machete. Why does a suburban home have a giant machete? I love my franchise superkillers - I love them way more than I like this guy - but there is a certain uniqueness to...see he doesn't even have a famous name. Drill motor guy? He's ethnic looking for one thing. Slasher killers are almost exclusively very anglo. I guess he was one of these method actors and super threw himself into the role. Said he pretended to be a peacock the whole time and yeah, it's weird but you can actually kind of see it on screen. Sure likes that auger bit.

And Brinke Stevens first horror movie. Made me wonder how many she's been in and holy compulsive acting Batman you could read War and Peace in the time it takes to scroll through her imdb. She's done a movie a month this year alone. Says she's a freaking marine biologist too.

Something else li'l different about the movie is even though it's called Slumber Party Massacre and has been held up as an example of mysoginy in horror it was actually directed by a chick and is the only movie I can think of in which every single male character suffers a fatal injury. If you had one you died, and I fucking love that.

Look I have nothing against the Browns and it gives me no satisfaction that the Raiders inflicted one of the legion scars seared onto the souls of Cleveland sports fans, but sometimes the bad guys win.