The new pledge at Theta Omega Theta has a dark past and a criminally insane brother locked up in an easy to escape from asylum. Not so good for the other girls, a number of whom are slain in their underwear.

hey cool
Brutal kills, three dead boyfriends
but YUCK
If you're here for the giggly naked chicks you're probably thinking of Slumber Party Massacre

Yeah but this is the thinking man's girls getting killed in their panties movie. It's all deadly serious, with only one montage of frolicsome sorority chicks trying on each other's clothes. I almost felt sort of not dirty watching this. There's even a heady subplot about thought transferrence.

I think it's actually trying to be artsy with all the jump cuts and extended dream sequences. I can dig that surreal atmosphere but I hope the movie doesn't really expect us to wonder what's going on; brothers always go insane and butcher their whole family except for one sister they have to come back for 15 years later after murdering a hapless night shift asylum orderly with their bare hands.

I realise horror movie mental health facilities are not known for the security of their lockdowns, but there are kindergartens in Germany harder to escape than this place. Michael Myers would have been wandering the vacant halls looking for more orderlies. Probably express busses for Haddonfield, Crystal Lake and sorority row waiting out front.

I like the kills here. There's a genuine violence and brutality, like real fake murders instead of just contrivance to show rubber body parts bouncing around. I also appreciated the participation of all the movie's young males in fatal stabbings. None of that new boyfriend saves the day birdshit here; barely even meet the guy before he's discharged without ceremony.

I guess I could grouse about the plot logic of the girl just happening to join a sorority based in the house where her family was murdered and she forgot all about it because "who remembers what happened to them when they were five", but chill dude it's just an know what, this one time I was going to talk about an 80s slasher movie without making an 80s joke or harping on the 80s. This is just a good slasher movie and I'm really not stuck in 1986.

Fine look it's 1986 and one of the girls is trying out for linebacker with the then Los Angeles Rams.