This clown puts on such a lame birthday party show that the kids actually kill him. Six years later he returns as a clown zombie and again mostly fails to entertain.

hey cool
Intestine balloon animal
but YUCK
Low body count, 80% teen romantic comedy

I guess the world is caught up in killer clown fevah right now what with the phenomenal success of the It remake, but yeah right like I'm going to leave the house to go to a movie theatre so I'm stuck with StITches instead. I'm sure it'll be just as good.

So time to type pretty much the same thing I do every time I make the mistake of giving modern slasher movies another chance - spend an hour watching kids get on my nerves followed briefly by not nearly enough murders and a pants ending. This half arse clown doesn't even manage to get all the way down to final girl and boyfriend; there's still regular rank and file obnoxious unkilled teens running around at the end. And to make matters worse the currently dubious culture of the United Kingdom produces an especially vile species of youthful offender. Never thought I'd say this but I think I actually prefer to watch American kids at this point.

The clown murder portion of the show proper is somewhat acceptable for what little there is, and I could roll with the supernatural clown cabal thing (something about a clown idol and painting their faces on eggs so they can come back as clown revenants) but having teens beat up the clown after a paltry four victims is just a cold pie to the face. Gotta kill more kids movie.

Well guess I'll go jab my mouse pointer at whatever else I can find on Netflix or YouTube that has a picture of a traumatic clown on it.