The changing pace and values of modern society can place critical strains on the relationships between young adults and their aging parents. Swamp Devil is the complex story of Melanie, a progressive and unusually attractive young woman, and her estranged backwoods hermit father Howard, who is cantankerously set in his ways and possibly murdered her mom. Upon hearing that her father is dying Melanie returns with mixed emotions to her hometown. Can she mend their relationship before it's too late, and prove they are still a family despite their differences and the fact that he is the prime suspect in quite a few other murders? A giant animated clubmoss arrives to help.

hey cool
You'll blow coke outta your nose when you see
the monster
but YUCK
'Cause it's bad looking

So I'm trying to watch the movie and some kind of big weird screen saver keeps appearing in the picture...oh wait that's the monster. Whoa, my goodness that's unfortunate. Please stop doing that. Really I'd be fine with just a guy wearing a gunny sack with some leaves and junk glued on. Or even just say there's a monster. I'm only watching a monster movie to see how that business about the chick fighting with her dad turns out anyway.

Critter is darned near invincible too since I guess its pixels can just recombine if you shoot it or anything. Movie says it isn't allowed to leave town though, 'cause of some curse, so to destroy it you just need to get it to stand in the middle of the road looking the wrong way right at the town line, then ram it from behind with a truck it won't hear roaring toward it on a deserted highway in the middle of the night. The creature's habit of hanging right around that area would seem to indicate that deep in its heart of hearts it knows.

This is a Sci Fi Channel movie. For those who have never seen one, what that means is it's one hundred per cent devoid of any entertainment value whatsoever. Watching these is like having your mouth stuffed with styrofoam packing peanuts. The Russians have a proverb though about quantity having a quality all its own, and according to wikipedia this is the 14th movie in Sci Fi Entertainment's Maneater series of films, so there are at least 13 more (probably way more by now) exactly like this one. Just keep watching 'em I guess. What else can you do?

I kept thinking as I watched this, "that guy looks kind of like real actor of real movies Bruce Dern". It's Bruce Dern. I don't know, gambling debts?