No, you still haven't seen all the 70s British horror anthologies. This time professional fake asylum director Donald Pleasance introduces you to four more inmates with weird stories. Are they crazy? Or is he really the crazy one?

hey cool
Kim Novak is kind of pretty
but YUCK
The tales don't really witness that much madness

I'm not old enough to get terribly nostalgic about 1973, but Could the opening theme be any more 70s British? I was halfway expecting Steed and Mrs Peel to drive up in a sports car.

In case you require more information on the stories they are presented below. Don't worry about spoilers, you could smell one drop of these punch lines in an olympic sized swimming pool.

Kid with fighting parents has a dangerous imaginary friend - or is it imaginary? Nope.

Picture of an old man makes a guy ride one of those antique bikes with a huge front wheel, which takes him back in time where the old man's there in some kind of gold paint and things get set on fire and ah, alright I really don't know what's going on with this one. That old man sure looks cranky though.

Guy finds a tree stump 'wot looks sort of like a woman, and Joan Collins competes with it for his affections. I'm guessing you've never seen tree boobs before.

And have you ever had a Hawaiian feast? (said like Fuad Ramses). Couple white guys with Hawaiian names need to sacrifice Kim Novak's daughter for the voodoo and cook her in the ground in banana leaves. Not sure what part of the teenage girl you get a huge pot roast from, but it sure looks good. Ms Novak goes what I can only describe as delightfully insane after the preceedings.

The voodoo thing's kind of bloody, and that old man really does give you such a look, but for the most part this is typical lightweight Tales From The Darkside type stuff. I also don't like it when they get a name actor just to do the boring wrap around bit in these. Basically all Donald Pleasance does here is say "and here's this patient". You know he's actually really good when they give him a role. Did you ever see that one where he's a body snatcher? Or the one about the cannibal on the underground?