This is a film about people moving through the swamp, typically from left to right on your screen. First a guy takes a canoe way out into the everglades, then walks to his campsite, then out to an archaological dig, then back. Then other people take boats out there. Sometimes they have to get out and push. When it gets too shallow they have to start walking. It's quite a ways. Then alligators wreck the boats so one guy tries to walk aaall the way back out for help. It's 25 miles. Then people are chased through the swamp by slow moving animals, then by a fully corporeal Indian ghost of all things.

hey cool
Drive-in nostalgia
but YUCK
It's just grainy swamp footage

Well you might get a laugh at the amazing sequence of a guy blowing a giant boulder out of the way by pouring a teaspoon of gunpowder out on the ground near it. I could just almost hear Crow and Servo say something way funnier than "hey that wouldn't work", which is all I got right now.

Being part of a 1960s drive-in experience must be prerequisite to enjoy this sort of thing. In other words have a date so you're not paying attention, 'cause they really would just point a camera at people walking and call it a movie back then. Doesn't really hold up if you're an embittered hermit watching it alone at 4am on a widescreen flat panel 53 years later.

It does have a certain odd something though, a faint echo of an America I never knew. Slick back your hair, try to put the moves on Betty-Sue, head to the concession stand for sodas and popcorn and posture for the rival males {killed 3 years later in Vietnam}. So I guess appreciate it for what it is - a really boring time capsule.

Also Tartu is wearing panty hose.