A lawyer gets a letter to go to this mansion and finds out the guy who wrote it has been dead for a year, so {yawn} they talk a lot about it and find another letter written by the same guy to...

...compare the handwriting, and the lawyer falls in love with a gril out there but mmmmmthe step mom's kinda mean an////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

hey cool
Only 80 minutes
but YUCK
I generally nap longer than 80 minutes

{SNORT} What? Terror Creatures from the Tomb? We see one's hand for a few seconds I think. Cinematic rhino dart.

You know how when you're looking at imdb or Netflix or whatever and sometimes you don't avert your eyes quickly enough and accidentally read one of the comments? Even if it's like Jaws or Star Wars some guy will be hollering "this is the most boring thing I've ever seen!".

Well shipmates, this is the most boring thing I've ever seen.