Like giant metal dicks? On chicks? Ever sometimes want to cut your leg open and ram a metal rod in there? I don't know about any of that myself but I might not turn off an
hour and a half of completely random freaky shit in black and white set to punk jazz drum solos.

hey cool
LSD through your eyeballs
but YUCK
Hope you weren't expecting a movie

I've entirely described the ah, "movie" already so I don't know what else to tell you. There aren't really any specific events that advance any sort of plot we need to discuss.
A bajillion other movies have that though and sometimes I get tired of it and want to see...whatever the fuck this was. I mean there are only so many times a day I can get worked up about whodunnit or who was a ghost all along or will the toy tanks kill Godzilla this time and I just want to shut 'er down and trip.

See drugs usually just make me nauseous so I have to watch this sort of thing to GTFO.
I think too many people, including the very filmmakers, try to find meaning in these mondo bizarro sensory assaults. So what if you do figure it out? It's probably something you knew already like war is sad or sucks to be a replicant in the grim dystopian future of 2019 Los Angeles. Or maybe, just maybe you're now more in touch with your secret homoerotic fantasies about big phallic metal bits sticking out of you everywhere.

I just watch and experience whatever the sounds and images make me feel. In the case of Tetsuo the Iron Man it's mostly a guy screaming while more metal stuff grows out of him but sometimes there'll be a freaky Japanese chick cyborg thing or some kind of apocalyptic fast-mo delerium sequence. From the wrong angle there's a strange beauty to it all, and strange beauty is the only kind that looks back at me anymore.