Chronicles the adventures of a psychotic murdering turkey who has acquired the power of speech, and apparently opposable thumbs. In fact according to the movie, gobble gobble motherfucker.

hey cool
Oh the pecking
but YUCK
Doesn't sound like a real turkey

My goodness, I've never heard such language from a game bird. This movie had to be done I reckon; in a world of killer Santas, evil Easter bunnies, and mega budget thrillers about Guy Fawkes Night it's hard to believe that before 2009 you couldn't even watch a killer turkey puppet movie on Thanksgiving. Thankskilling corrects this state of affairs, and does it for about $3500 according to its extensive website where you can even download the script if you'd rather experience the story in literary form. It's kind of ridiculous that this thing has better kills than a lot of the so called slasher movies I've seen lately that probably cost a hundred times more. I'm sorry but I call 'em like I see 'em and turkey pecking a guy to death like a jackhammer is a quality kill. The film I mean tape also trumps the big budget guys in the area of the musical score, with a rousing turkey theme that effectively incorporates the bird's natural vocalisations.

Unfortunately that's the only gobbling you'll hear, as the turkey's voice was a big letdown. It just sounds like some guy. I know this is low budget, but does it cost extra to have your actor at least try to talk like a...

I apologise but I've reached the limit of how long I can talk about this like it's a real trouser-wearing movie. It is of course a silly gag. Is it funny? Well it's funnier than most horror comedy, which is to say no, it's not funny. Occasionally slightly amusing is as far as I can go.
I watch for the turkey on man violence.

It brings to mind the question though, why must nearly all homemade horror movies be lowbrow goofball comedy? My guess is that it's easier for non-actors and non-writers to appear something other than cringingly awful when they're just laughing it off, as evidenced by the mildly comedic tone of this very notice. Most deadly serious micro budget movies are like watching pre-teens play D&D. Still, I wish they could have pulled off a truly dark, brutal, horrifying film about a filthy-mouthed killer turkey.

I'm also a bit disappointed by the conspicuous absence of the word "giblets" in the movie, specifically referring to human viscera. Maybe I missed that bit, it must be in there.