I say the better the zombie movie, the less synopsis you need. So: slow zombies in Africa.

hey cool
Old school zombie horror, stunning shots of Africa
but YUCK
You'll have to bump something off your top ten zombie movie list

Let's face it, even though zombies are probably more popular than ever and you can't swing a bloody colon without hitting a zombie movie these days, the Visigoths have been eyeing this genre for some time now as it crumbles from bloat and decadence. I'm so used to zombie comedy, action zombie butt kicking and zombie soap opera that I almost forgot why I ever fell in love with those gentle visitors from the grave.

I've ofted heard the opinion voiced that the best zombie movies aren't about the zombies, but rather the dramatic interaction of the human characters. To this I say horse nuggets. If I wanted to watch people yell at each other I'd tune in to one of the fine reality programmes that currently air on the "History" Channel about rednecks who fish with dynamite or something. To me a great zombie movie is like an aquarium - the fish don't need to put on a skit; I'm happy to just sit back and watch them do their thing. In a zombie movie I want the pristine simplicity of zombies amok while society dies screaming.

This is possibly the purest zombie movie I've ever seen. No jokes, no action heroes, no romance, no Romero political commentary, no lengthy exploration of post apocalyptic human group dynamic. Just zombies and panic and death. I love it. Some complain that the lead characters are wooden, and I respond with additional draught animal faeces. Man I don't even need to know their names, and the extended scenes with no dialogue were a breath of fresh air to this overblown genre. Hell if I could work my will there'd be zombie movies with no characters at all. The star of the movie should be the zombie holocaust itself I say. Just point a camera at it.

The richly colourful shots of Africa really paint it up atmosphere wise, and you're gonna want the blu-ray. This is just a beautiful movie. Urban zombie movies are another thing I'm a bit weary of; we haven't seen a good zombie outbreak in an exotic location since that old Fulci movie and it was high time. Lots of fantastic night shots too - zombies in the shadows or flickering firelight, brief glimpses of flesh eating as the car headlights play over the countryside. Oooh yeah.

Complaints? Well it kind of ended with a whimper. I mean I don't require big exploding endings and actually prefer something downbeat and understated, but it didn't leave me with quite the chill I'd have liked. It's definitely open for a sequel, though I'd rather see the same guys just make another new zombie movie somewhere else than pick up right where this left off.

The scene with the baby kind of had nowhere to go either. I get that the movie really wanted to do the mother knows she's bitten and has to give away her baby and beg to be shot deal, 'cause oh the humanity, but then he'd be stuck lugging a baby around for the rest of the movie and that's not going to fly. Of course the thing to do would be to have him find a bite on the baby, and have to, y'know, but what movie has the belly for that, so a convoy of refugees suddenly appears and he hands it off to them like a football as they pass by, leaving us to wonder "couldn't he have gotten a ride somewhere?". Script kind of wrote itself into a corner there.

How about this: baby turns zombie and he doesn't have the heart to kill it, so he just sets it down bawling and walks away. Could have been a whole big gut-wrenching scene there, but yeah I know. Movies these days will show things happening to teenage girls that I won't even watch, but babies are still sacred cows.

None of that really bugged me though. Oh, and I want to mention another thing the movie didn't have. When the two guys run into a group of soldiers I immediately thought "crap here's where the asshole soldiers will capture them and beat us over the head with some moral about humans being the real monsters". Didn't happen! Thank you.