Turns out the yeti is really a wolfman. This botanist in Tibet looking for a rare night blooming flower gets bit and brings the curse back to a certain metropolitan area of the United Kingdom.

hey cool
Fighting cockney ladies
but YUCK
85 year old movie

Holy crap this movie's old. Here's how old this is - when this movie was made people still thought Hitler was a pretty good guy. But sometimes you need to see an old movie; it's a look into another world, where feathery dowagers carrying little dogs would have you jailed as a miscreant if you were seen in public dressed in whatever you're wearing right now.

I love it when old movies open with a zoom-in onto a world map, this time indicating fake Tibet as our destination. Get a load of the authentic Tibetan lingo being spoken by the coolies, who like coolies everywhere will venture no further into the cursed domain of the monster. The werewolf attack scene there had a certain shadowy goodness as long as you kind of don't look at its face. Back in London town you can enjoy some werewolf lurkings and howlings and menacings of genteel cocktail parties. I'm saying you could do worse in a quaint old horror movie.

And since it's black and white and in London we're treated to the ever popular old cockney crones. You know, the kind who run boarding houses? Today it's Mrs Whack and Mrs Moncaster, and they cackle and drink and have the odd habit of punching each other unconscious.

Sadly though as a super old movie the most gore it can offer is a newspaper headline reading "Unknown Woman Horribly Mangled!", and those old ladies decking each other all the time is the only entertaining violence in the picture. The werewolf itself is also rather less savage looking than the more iconic Wolf Man, though it should be noted that this film preceded it by six years. In 1935 becoming a werewolf mostly just gives you a really acute widow's peak.

By the way, want to be depressed? Well if you're as old as I am. When I came into this world Werewolf of London was only like 34 years old. Star Wars is now 43 years old.

Line: "I'll not only divorce you, I'll beat you as well".