Angry juvenile delinquents who hate each other and their angry wardens are stalked on an island by an angry guy who hates them. I hated everybody and got angry too.

hey cool
Graphically savaged by dogs
but YUCK
Asshole guy, angries up the blood

I've never heard anyone else not like this movie so I reckon it's one of those heavy bias pieces for me. I'd say it pulls off what it's going for, but unfortunately what it's going for is my Achilles heel. It's the kind of movie that spends its entire running time trying to get you to hate one asshole guy with every last throbbing corpuscle of hate your 3.6 billion years of evolution can muster.

It works, you win movie, I hate him. Happy now?

I guess I was meant to be cheering the other super tough angry kid, but the hate thing worked a little too well and I had plenty left over for every other character and blade of grass in the movie. By the end I wanted dogs to eat them all, then turn on themselves, then feiry meteors to cleanse the Earth of living things.

It may seem contradictory that I get off on the catharsis of slasher flicks yet I'm always bellyaching about how much I hate the characters. Isn't that the point? Hate 'em then fist pump when they die? Sort of I guess but couple things: firstly I don't just want to sit and watch people die; I need some trippy horror vibe with that too. And secondly, not to sound like a psycho but it doesn't take much for me to plenty dislike the average slasher movie punk, so when a movie overkills on that my hate bar goes off the chart and I'm just experiencing an hour and a half of pure gall.

There are some bloody, angry deaths, I'll give it that, but a movie that builds up this much hostility needs to be killing someone every thirty seconds or I'm still going to be pissed off days after it's over. I suppose I can in a strange way respect that everyone in the movie is so relentlessly unpleasant, and that the asshole guy doesn't do the usual "oh no I got my come uppance" bit when he's finally dispatched. He's defiantly as asshole right up until pretty close to minute 89 so we can enjoy every last drop of that white fisted rage.

Again, it's not a bad movie. Folks without hair-trigger hatred can enjoy it. For me though, even if it's shot like Citizen Kane any movie about a bunch of loathsome chavs is basically unwatchable. If you're at all like that and want to see a horror movie set in the "wilderness" {snort} of Britain maybe check out Dog Soldiers.

On the plus side, I am in fact too hacked off to bother with my usual long tirade about how much I hate blaring orchestral action movie muzak. Writing this is getting me riled so I'm going to stop now. I need to watch a Peter Cushing movie or something.

Line: "I died on this island, we all did".