An American collegiate football team crashes in the Himalayas - exhibition match in Kathmandu I guess - and a guy in a snow monster suit starts jumping around trying to eat them and date their women.

hey cool
It has a yeti, if you're a yeti movie completist
but YUCK
Produced in association with the Sci-Fi Channel

Movie shoots its wad in the first two minutes by bringing out the yeti full-on in broad daylight, so close up you can practically count its pores. I was going to at least give the movie credit for using a costume instead of CG, but sometimes these modern monsters with slick latex masks and moulded costumes can in their own way look just as bad as an Ed Wood contraption made out of garbage bags and a vacuum hose. Maybe it's just a sense of comfortable nostalgia talking, but I prefer the old school stupid looking monsters to these newfangled things. Today's monster just looks too... prostheticy, for want of a better word.

In the end they reverted to CG anyway because someone thought it would be a cool idea to make the yeti leap everywhere like it's on a giant trampoline (so I guess bumbles really do bounce), and the animation for this mode of travel fairly ruins its last shot at being taken seriously as a monster. The brain can't help but insert a "boing boing boing" sound effect whenever it goes pogo-sticking across the screen.

All our favourite Sci-Fi channel characters are here, including the ever popular complete asshole who immediately starts whining, harassing the girls, challenging the alpha male's authority, and turning out to be a giant coward when the chips are down. And since they've gone like a whole half a day without food they must have a lengthy discourse about the morality of expedient cannibalism. So, lots of human drama here 'cause they have to survive, but not that way, but it's not wrong if they're already dead, but who's next? YOU?! And what have we become! But people meat is so tasty! Fuck you die if you want we're having some! Really makes you think.

In the end the cowardly asshole is done in by his own cowardice and assholery and the star quarterback uses his tackle football skills to defeat the monster, complete with the line "Not today Chewbacca!". YEAH! WOOOOOOO!