A girl is used as bait for something which makes her dig at the ground and they find a skeleton down there and according to its wallet it was a guy named Zeder, who was interested in "K-zones" which might have something to do with ley lines, and a missing priest maybe wrote something about it that another guy finds on a typewriter ribbon and a one legged woman wants it, and sometimes people get mutilated by some kind of zombie, and I don't know guys it's Italian.

hey cool
Euro horror mystery vibe
but YUCK
Bit light on the stuff happening

Well what a sort of odd and different little movie. I can't think of anything else quite like it. Not that it's overly bizarre or fucked up or wants to blow your mind - it's pretty dull when I think about it - but it's got its own weird little flavour.

Basically what we have here is a horror mystery, of which there are far fewer than one would think. Most of the movie is a guy driving around Italy in a Volkswagen Beetle covertible with his girlfriend looking for a dead priest and trying to figure out what the hell K-zones are. And oddly it works. Hardly anything of note actually happens in Zeder but it's got this really fun vibe of, well, driving around Italy in a Volkswagen beetle convertible with your girlfriend staying at cheap motels and messing around graveyards and ominous abandoned buildings. I'd do that.

It's a vibe piece and I like it. And since it's Italian you get bonus zesty Italian in your eye. Like anytime anyone so much as breaks into a trot you will be absolutely defibrillated by a 90 decibel blast of inappropriate spaghetti horror theme. I'm saying don't watch it with headphones.